FSSAI License For Bakery

Everyone is very conscious about the food that they ate, and they want to make sure that it has been approved by the Health Ministry to get the assurance for consumption of the particular food item. They would constantly find themselves searching for an approval sign or mark which would give them the assurance that the particular item can be consumed and would not cause any harm to them. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India were established under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in India to protect and promote the health of the people in the country by establishing food standards. People tend to look for the FSSAI approval mark while buying food items to make sure that they are buying the best quality of the product from a wide variety of products that are available in the market for consumption. One should be satisfied while buying the product and should feel confident while eating it or offering it to their family and friends.

Every company that wants to sell any food item must be registered under FSSAI and should get an approval certificate and license to mark their food FSSAI approved. For Bakery products, it is important to get the license and approval from FSSAI as well as the shelf life of such products are very less and needs to be changed constantly at the point of sale. People expect to buy fresh bakery items, and the FSSAI needs to take care of the items that are to be sold in the market to not harm the health of any citizen of the country. The bakery can register itself online on the FSSAI website in order to start the registration process under the Ministry of Health. There are different kinds of fees that are charged for different companies after considering the size of the company, items to be sold, nature of the items, and many such things. After filling the registration form, you have to apply for the license within the time frame specified by the FSSAI in order to obtain the license and start your business. After the registration of the company, the following steps need to be fulfilled:

The following steps need to be fulfilled:

  • Filling of the form

You need to fill an online application form in order to register for the FSSAI license. The form can be downloaded from the FSSAI website and can be filled with ease in order to speed the process of registration of the company.

  • Send the documents

The FSSAI asks for documents related to the business and the food items in order to understand the working of the company and the types of food items that will be produced. This will help in creating form A and form B which will be required to process the registration under the FSSAI.

  • Submit the documents

After filling the application form and sending the documents to FSSAI, the documents are further sent to the local FBO for inspection to get all the information about the food product that you would be intending to sell and to carry out the necessary quality checks for the food items that need to be registered.

  • Obtain the FSSAI license

After all the formalities are done, you will be able to obtain the license within 20 to 40 working days and the FSSAI would mail the license to you after following-ups from the food department.

The additional cost of adding items:

Every time you want to register a new product in your existing product line which is already registered and licensed by the FSSAI, you have to pay an additional charge for the addition of the new item under the FSSAI list. You would also need to follow the same registration steps in order to register the product and obtain a license for it in order to sell it to the consumers.


You have to pay for the registration of the food item and to obtain the license for it under the FSSAI. They FSSAI accept various modes of payment and their head office is located in Delhi, therefore, all the payments are channelized there. In Delhi, the registration fees can be paid by an SBI Challan. One can also proceed with an online payment made to the SBI bank account. It is linked to the FSSAI website. The website offers clear and precise bank details and allows you to transfer the money conveniently. The option of depositing the money in their SBI bank account is quite convenient, and you can choose one of the several options available that best fit your convenience.


The registration of the company can be done on the state level for smaller companies and at the central level for larger companies. The size of the company is determined by the company size, a number of employees, turnovers, product lines, and much more. There would be quality checks which would be carried out before you can obtain the certificate of approval for registration and the checks would be done by health officers at the place of manufacture of the food items.

The registration certificate is very important to operate for, the company and you should not lose it. There are ways to obtain a duplicate certificate if the original one is lost, at an additional cost. The FBO’s can apply for the certificate using the online interface, and the certificate would be mailed to you after thoroughly processing your application and receiving the fees. Once you have been registered under the FSSAI and obtained the license, you can use the FSSAI approval mark on the packaging of your products and assure your customers that the food is safe for consumption and approved by the Health Ministry. This will also boost the confidence of the company and the consumers and give the assurance to the employees that they are working for a company which has integrity and values as they have obtained the license in order to sell bakery products in the market.

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