FSSAI Registration Procedure

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI Registration is a must for every business operation dealing with food products. The objective of making the license compulsory and mandatory was to ensure the safety of consumers using these food products. Just like other business operators, a restaurant also needs to have an FSSAI registration before starting with its operations. If you are planning to set up your own restaurant, read this article carefully and find out about the process of acquiring an FSSAI license.

FSSAI Registration

The process of acquiring an FSSAI license for a restaurant begins with registering with FSSAI. There are many steps to this process. Here, we bring you the steps in an easy to understand manner.

  1. Go to the official website of FSSAI (www.foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in).
  2. Sign up on the page as soon as it opens. The form needs to be filled carefully with relevant details.
  3. When registering your business, you need to think about a unique name for the same and complete the process. Once the form has been filled, complete the signing up procedure by clicking on Register.
  4. Once the account gets activated, the next step is taken. Before that, you will get a confirmation about the success of the registration process through a message on your email or through a text message.
  5. It is important to note that online application process is completed within the span of 30 days as the User ID created while registration is valid only for a duration of 30 days. After this time, the User ID gets disabled.
  6. In order to complete the process, sign in to your account and complete the online application form. Before starting the process, it is vital to collect all relevant documents so that details are filled in correctly and accurately. The application form must be completed in one go else the form goes to the incomplete tab.

Documents Required to Obtain FSSAI Food License

In order to acquire FSSAI Registration, certain important documents are required. These documents are addressed proof, a proof of identity, phone number, a valid email ID, Declaration, Affidavit and Food Safety Management Plan. You also need to share the kitchen layout plan, water testing report from the ISI approved facility, a list of the food category, medical certificates of the employees and a No Objection Certificate from the partner or owner in case of a partnership firm or in the case when the business operates from other premises.

Post Online Application Form Filling Procedure

After the online application form is filled, a printout of the same must be taken before clicking on “Submit” tab. A reference number is also displayed on the screen which must be duly noted down for future references or correspondence. This number is displayed after the online form has been submitted. Using this reference number, you can track the progress of your form for Licensing or Registration.

Within 15 days of filling the online application form, submit the printout of the online filled application form and necessary documents as mentioned above to the State Authority/Regional Authority for ensuring due consideration of your application.

With the licensing procedure made online, it has become quite easy and convenient for a large number of people seeking to register for acquiring an FSSAI registration. Gone are the days when people had to run from one office to another to get approvals at different steps of the application procedure. Things have simplified to a great extent and it is having a great impact on the businesses. People are able to save a lot of time and effort that used to go through the registration process in the olden days. All the documents can be submitted online and the form can also be filled and submitted online making the entire process quite convenient.

License and Registration Fees

It is significant to note that the license or registration can be applied for a term of five years.

  • For a new application, you need to pay Rs. 7500 as licensing fee.
  • For the renewal of application, Rs. 7500 needs to be paid.
  • For Certificate or License modification, Rs. 7500 needs to be paid.
  • For Duplicate license or certificate, 10 percent of the applicable license fee is levied.

Why having FSSAI License is beneficial for a restaurant business?

A restaurant whether small or big food chain can benefit a lot by acquiring an FSSAI Food License. Here, we bring you some of the advantages.

  1. Having an FSSAI Logo imprinted on the restaurant menu instills a sense of trust among the guests coming to enjoy their dinner. FSSAI certification is synonymous with food quality. Thus, it validates the food served at these restaurants. Moreover, having an FSSAI license also ensures more customers being attracted to the restaurant as the trust factor is high.
  2. The restaurants who have acquired an FSSAI license are safeguarded and protected against legal aspects. Moreover, in a bid to save a small amount as registration fee, restaurateurs may end up paying hefty penalties in the absence of an FSSAI license. If a restaurant gets embroiled in a legal controversy, having this license can protect their interest to a significant aspect.
  3. Having an FSSAI license also help in gaining customer acceptance which is very crucial, especially for new businesses.
  4. If you wish to expand your business operations in other areas, having a central license FSSAI can make things easier for you. Getting funding and loans from banks for expansion purposes becomes easier and straightforward.
  5. Having an FSSAI license also ensures strict adherence to high standards of food quality and processing. Quality food has always been the mainstay of restaurant success. Thus, an FSSAI License can help you to ensure quality standards. The chances of food adulteration reduce to a minimum.
  6. In order to acquire an FSSAI license, the restaurants also need to keep a quality check and take up sanitation and hygiene matters seriously. All these steps result in the growth and success of a business.