How to Register/Get a Food License

Followings are

  • FSSAI License or Food License is applicable to all the people, who manufacture store, distribute food and it is also applicable to restaurants and street food vendors irrespective of whether it is small, medium and large operators. Thus, Food License is applicable to all the peoples who conduct the business as food operators.
  • In an effort to regulate the food industry, the FSSAI Act prescribes a number of penalties and offenses for contravening. If one needs to actually build their food premises then one need to register as a food business by applying for a license and registration with FSSAI to avoid penalty and to match with the standards of food safety.
  • If one conducts the business without an FSSAI food license, and a customer decides he is not pleased with the product or service offered to him, he can sue in small claims court, using fraud as one reason for the lawsuit. The point is that doing business without a license is a fraudulent act. If the business is found liable, and if the customer is successful in their lawsuit, then the company is responsible for the damages in regards to the fraudulent activity.

How to Apply for FSSAI Food License?

  • Visit the FSSAI website and click on Sign-up and FBO’s are required to have a valid personal e-mail ID and mobile number which should be kept active.
  • Make a unique username which is not already registered with the site and after filling up the form click on Register to complete the sign-up process.
  • An online account will be created with FSSAI, once sign-up is successful and one will get a message ‘account successfully created.’ via SMS and via e-mail too.
  • This user ID is valid for 30 days so make sure you apply online within 30 days or this user ID will be disabled after 30 days.
  • Open the page with the username and password created and fill the details in the Online Application Form.
  • On successful submission of application, the system will generate a Unique Reference Id for the application.
  • Take a print out of the “Acknowledgment” and “Online Application Form” and attach the Demand Draft for the fee (if payment mode is Demand Draft) and supported documents (Refer Document Checklist above) required as part of the application and submit the application to your State Authority or Regional Office of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, within 15 days from the date of submission of application online.
  • One can track the progress of the application for Registration or License with the help of the reference number.
  • Once the application is approved a 14-digit FSSAI Registration number is provided which consist the information about the manufacturer’s license or registration details, and the manufacturing state.

The individuals who are planning on opening the restaurant for the first time, or starting a new outlet must possess food license not just because of legal formalities and avoid fines or penalties but get accepted among consumers. Most of the people will perceive the food outlet or restaurant as a brand if the restaurant is certified by the Food Standard and Safety Authority of India. At the early stage of operations, it is very hard to market or make people aware of your restaurants. But with FSSAI logo the new food outlet would be widely accepted by the new customers. The new food business operators can also use the FSSAI logo on their bills and packaging for home delivery to attract more customers, which will further enhance the relationship with customers.